‘A Lifetime In White Underpants’ | Self Portraits By Lucy Hilmer | 1974-2014

The Libertine

“Lucy Hilmer photographs herself every year on her birthday, April 22nd, wearing nothing but her white Lollipop underpants, shoes and socks. She’s been doing this for 40 years, since her 29th birthday. In 2015, she will be 70…revealing how a woman who came of age before women’s lib used her camera to peel off society’s “pretty girl ” label and define herself from the inside out.” – Quoted from Lucyhilmer.com

14851586575_4bc30360b6_b14664902160_50500089c0_b14851586555_0a60d8f466_bLucy Hilmer14871476323_c86695735c_b14665056447_02f0cd2d63_b14871476243_b80324da09_b14871476203_b0e0ea5635_b14851586215_679e4c3edc_b14664969918_a06454901e_bBirthday Suit Age 47 April 22, 1992.On The Libertine. 'A Lifetime In White Underpants' .Self Portraits By Lucy Hilmer .1974-2014. 2On The Libertine. 'A Lifetime In White Underpants' .Self Portraits By Lucy Hilmer .1974-2014. 314851259862_e600b0d48d_b14851259692_a8bc2cc06d_b14851259682_7da38b7d7d_b14664901710_260da6f0e7_b14664969708_46be49b521_b14664901580_42736e0636_b14851585705_a9647eb55a_b

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