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She is the swimsuit model who divides public and the fashion industry’s opinion, but there is no doubt that Kate Upton is one of the hottest properties in fashion right now. On Tuesday, she launched the latest annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, her second in succession, joining an elite group, including Elle Macpherson, Christie Brinkley and Tyra Banks, who have appeared more than once on the cover.

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_00

The pictures, which were shot in -4C conditions in Antarctica caused havoc for the girl from Florida (strange that when wearing nothing), with Upton stating: “When I came back, I was losing my hearing and eyesight. My body was shutting down because it was working so hard to keep me warm.” We have a feeling that her pain will cause men across the world a whole load of pleasure.

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_01

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_02

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_03

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_04

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_05

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_06

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_07

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_08

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_09

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_10

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_11

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_12

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_13

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_14

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated 2013_16

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Ahh Spring lingerie. I love it. I have a real weakness for pastels and as many of you probably already know, pastel colours dominate Spring lingerie. So without further adieu, here’s what I’m craving for Spring:

Despite the fact that Freya and I don’t always get along shape-wise anymore, this is probably the bra I’m currently most excited about. I once had Freya’s strapless Deco in a 30F and found that I got along better with it than the normal version of the Deco, and it wasn’t even the correct size! This bra is also functions as a strapless, which is exciting news to me as the band will likely be nice and firm (just as it is with the normal strapless Deco). The ivory colour, subtle floral pattern at the front of the band, the longline style… GUYS, I want it. I can’t wait to try it.

I believe…

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